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Our Doctors may vary from clinic to clinic but all of our veterinarians will assess your pet to determine if they are a good candidate for the dental procedure.  
Teeth cleaning staff:
Our staff has been trained in dental procedures and have 10+ years experience working with animals having dental procedures without anesthesia.  They do their best to go slowly with new animals to make the procedure as stress-free as possible.
What we do:
We work with your pet to scale and polish their teeth in a safe, humane way.  Our staff spend time acclimating the pet to the sensations associated with having their teeth cleaned. They will assess each individual pet's behavior and determine how best to handle your pet.  We have a 95% success rate with the dogs and cats we see.  They are rarely turned away for aggression/behavior issues. There is no charge if we can't clean their teeth for any reason.  The Doctor will also evaluate your pet to see if their dental health is appropriate for a non anesthestic procedure.  You will recieve a dental report for each of your pets at the end of the first or yearly visit and if there are any changes present at a more frequent appointment.  
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